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Vamani Overseas is making sustained efforts through positive action to restore ecological balance in the domains of Air, Water and Land. “Restoring Ecosystems” is the goal of all ESG efforts of the Vamani Overseas team. The theme aligns with the Groups' philosophy of inclusive growth. Through this campaign we are focused on bringing a positive Change in the state of the environment across the three elements – Air, Water & Land. As a global leader in Apparel with a large customer footprint, aligning with the best global practices to deliver beyond regulatory compliance is a cornerstone of our ESG efforts.

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Among three components of Environment - Clean Air for All is a very strategic goal and Vamani accords high importance to taking steps in mitigating air pollution including impacts due to climate change. Climate change: Over the years, Vamani Overseas has worked tirelessly to reduce its energy & carbon footprint through dedicated efforts towards energy efficiency, cleaner fuels and replacement of virgin raw materials with recycled raw materials. It is monitoring its Scope 1 & Scope 2 emissions and reporting in the public domain. It has also initiated Scope 3 emissions calculation as per the global standards and shall report the same.



Water is a precious and scarce resource and its limited availability is one of the key challenges of today's industry. Akin to climate change challenges, efficient water management needs immediate attention to avoid its pollution, over-allocation and improve equitable access across the globe. Vamani Overseas strives to tackle this water challenge given its facilities are located in water-starved zones and processing operations are highly water-intensive, making it imperative to be judicious in its usage.


As a fast-growing Apparel major, the company emphasises on achieving high product quality while creating a positive environmental & social impact. With a view to replace conventional raw materials with Organic & Sustainable raw materials, Vamani Overseas is consistently increasing its sourcing of BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) & Organic Cotton. The company aims to achieve 100% sustainable cotton including organic, BCI by 2030. There is a concerted effort by the Agronomy team to encourage cotton farmers in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Telangana for enhancing sustainable cotton cultivation by shifting to natural fertilisers & pesticides. These efforts help in improving soil health and enhance organic carbon content of the soil, improving soil fertility and crop productivity.


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