VAMANI OVERSEAS PVT. LTD. is a well established and renowned name in the Home Decor arena. Our strength lies in our state of the art manufacturing facility encompassing curing, treatment and mechanised wood working machinery. We stock and showcases an exquisite range of wooden and wrought iron furniture, antique reproductions and soft furnishings.

Our contemporary and eclectic designs blend aesthetics with functional value.Our collections with their uncluttered elegant lines embrace both the modern and traditional looks.


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We have an in-house chemical treatment & seasoning plant to make our furniture termite resistant with minimum wood movement. After all the parts are assembled and given desired shape by expert craftsmen, it is sanded to #220 grit and then polished by hands and spray guns to produce a furniture you would like to add to your collection.


Vamani - Contemporary & Timeless Furniture

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